Orange is the new black

According to Vogue UK, one of the latest trends is to wear sunset palette. Remember the « ombré » trend? Well, this sunset palette is really close to that but instead of ‘wearing’ it in your hair, you now wear it in your clothes. In our « Butterflies » collection, you can find an orange sunset palette dress, picture

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Sarah’s last day

How long did you intern at Eki Orleans?   This time my internship lasted 3 months and a half (between the 3rd February and the 16th May 2014).      What did you work on whilst interning with Eki Orleans?   I mainly worked on all the digital marketing strategies. I was here to help

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Our designer: Hazel

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself? (Background, aspirations…) My background is languages and financial marketing but I transitioned into fashion, as this is where I found my passion. I worked in the financial industry for over 8 years but knew it was never my passion but it allowed me to gain a

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