Cannes 2012

Check out our lovely ladies and gentlemen at the Cannes Film Festival this year. We’re loving Hofit Golan and the two Eva’s (Longoria and Herzigova) light chiffon-esque style gowns, complete with embellishments and grand design. Ewan McGregor drops in with understated cool with casual suit, shoes and a patterned tie made perfect with what looks

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Five questions with Hazel Aggrey-Orleans

1. What influenced your latest collection? With this latest collection ʻNostalgiaʼ, I found inspiration in objects that symbolized music and movement. Through exploring the rich history of Africa, I was quite taken with the calabash musical instrument and its importance in African culture. Referencing the sensual shape of the calabash and its melodic, mellow and earthy rhythms, I created prints

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