Eki-Girl in Helsinki Design Week!

Coucou! 🙂


I went to check Helsinki Design Week for the first time and was pretty amazed. Now I want to share with you guys what I found.

So what is Helsinki Design Week? It’s a festival that takes places in Helsinki, Finland annually. The first was organized in 2005. It’s actually the largest design festival in the Nordic countries. The best things about the festival, is that it’s multidisciplinary, so there are things for fashionistas, lover’s of architecture and interior design and so on. The festival is held annually in September. So if you are in Helsinki or planning for a trip to Helsinki, it’s something worth checking out. There are many free events that you can participate in. This year’s festival is held 1.-11.9.2016.


Find out more about Helsinki Design Week here:



I will be covering the most interesting things from my point of view in this blog.


So here we go….


I visited the Design Market that was in Kaapelitehdas.


Here is a quick view for you how it looked like. The place was crowded and there was plenty to the see.





Here are my top-picks for fashion.












There were also many other interesting jewelry designs. Here are my three favourites.




Other interesting discoveries…

Loved this Estonian brand called Valhalla. My favourite product of theirs was a lemongrass candle. Their aroma candles are organic. Smelled absolutely fabulous! Have to get one for winter….



There were also plenty of other things to see. There were lamps, chairs, rugs and even bikes :). For a break you can drink or eat something and go outside for a while.



I bought this for my home. I absolutely love the idea. You colour the country that you have visited. Feeling dreamy….




A good reminder to everybody…. Enjoy your week!




Eki girl








Hello fashionistas!

I’m a young Finnish-Guinean woman, who loves fashion and esthetics. This Eki-girl is based in Helsinki, Finland. The unique style of Eki-Orleans made me fall in love with the brand. The blog will be mainly about sustainable fashion, travelling, trends, make-up and of course Eki-Orleans!

Apart from fashion I like dancing, books and travelling.

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