Fashion has no religion

Last week, we had a client meeting, where she went through our fabrics in search of the ideal print for a wedding aso ebi. Aso ebi is a uniform fabric/ dress that is traditionally worn in Nigeria to show solidarity at festive ceremonies. She was so cool that she allowed us to do a photoshoot of her in some of the prints. We took very fun pictures of her and being a Muslim, she wanted to wrap the fabric around her like a hijab. Needless to say, the fabric looked stunning on her and showed off her curves beautifully.

However, one incident did shake us up a bit. We were in the middle of taking a picture of her dressed as a Muslim in a hijab when a man in his early 50s approached us, initially in a nasty tone saying now is not the time to be taking pictures of a Muslim woman in front of a Church. We were appalled by his small mindedness and told him what we thought of him. All I could see through the lenses was a beautiful woman in luxurious silk prints. However, what he saw was race and religion! It is sad that post Brexit racism has emerged and is giving people like him the platform to use xenophobic language.

We did still get some nice pictures of our client. Hope you enjoy them and we will revert back to you on the fabric she ended up picking.

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Eki Orleans
Hazel Eki Aggrey-Orleans, the award winning designer, is the creative force behind the high-end London-based fashion-label Eki Orleans. Born in Germany, raised in Nigeria and educated in London, her design aesthetic has been strongly influenced by this diverse mix of cultures. She draws inspiration from all of her cultural experiences, most notably, however, from her West African heritage.
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