Imagine Ciara’s babyshower in Eki

As you may have seen the fabulous pictures of Ciara and Kim Kardashian at Ciara’s baby shower, which took place last Saturday.

Aren’t they gorgeous? But we do tend to think they would have looked even better with some of our Spring – Summer 2013 collection.

Wouldn’t she look great in this fantastic white silk kaftan?
If you like this kaftan yourself, we only have one left here: EKI ORLEANS

We can definitely imagine Kim K in this stunning Eki dress.
If you prefer this dress, please click here: EKI ORLEANS

And you, who would you like to see wearing an Eki dress?

Eki Orleans
Hazel Eki Aggrey-Orleans, the award winning designer, is the creative force behind the high-end London-based fashion-label Eki Orleans. Born in Germany, raised in Nigeria and educated in London, her design aesthetic has been strongly influenced by this diverse mix of cultures. She draws inspiration from all of her cultural experiences, most notably, however, from her West African heritage.
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