Meet Esther our 2nd new intern who describes how she developed her love for fashion!

Eki Orleans internI am Esther, a young french girl of 18 years old. I am in my first year of International Trade in Rennes (yes, the same city as Imène, who is another intern at Eki !) and I am in London for 2 months in order to fulfill an internship in trade at Eki Orleans.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a family that focused values on inner self confidence, but they also taught me about the importance of clothes and the originality of self style and using it to adapt myself in daily life events.

However, this is not where I developed my love and passion for creating a professinaol life in fashion. This idea came to me during my second year in high school. Back then, I was asked to create a project about « Publicity ». I chose to work on the impact of cosmetic publicities in society. I had to study the evolution of beauty through the years and I was fascinated by all the meanings and cultures behind each makeup and the clothes from all countries and centuries. Through fashion, I was able to discover habits from all over the world and I loved this.

I began to take an increasing interest in past and present trends. I noticed that in each of my hobbies as cinematography or travelling, clothes were really important.

Eki Orleans intern

Without fashion the world would be a sad and inexpressive place. Human creativity is what I love about trends. Fashion is ubiquitous and universal.

In my opinion following trends does not mean being materialistic, it means assessing its own idea of beauty and fashion. It is what defines us and we can express it freely. In one word, fashion is being Eki !

« Why change ? Everyone has their own style. When you find it, you should stick to it ! » –Audrey Hepburn

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