Orange is the new black

According to Vogue UK, one of the latest trends is to wear sunset palette. Remember the « ombré » trend? Well, this sunset palette is really close to that but instead of ‘wearing’ it in your hair, you now wear it in your clothes.

In our « Butterflies » collection, you can find an orange sunset palette dress, picture perfect for summer. This sweet silk dress has a fresh fuchsia and orange palette.

Eki Orleans -butterflydress

How to wear it ? Wear it to an outdoor wedding with heals or on a beautiful sunny day with flat sandals.

Click here to view our beautiful Butterfly dress

Eki Orleans
Hazel Eki Aggrey-Orleans, the award winning designer, is the creative force behind the high-end London-based fashion-label Eki Orleans. Born in Germany, raised in Nigeria and educated in London, her design aesthetic has been strongly influenced by this diverse mix of cultures. She draws inspiration from all of her cultural experiences, most notably, however, from her West African heritage.
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