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Big things are happening in the world! One being, of course, the presidential election of the United States. Who do you think is going to win the election and take on the responsibility of leading a super power? Let’s hope that the voters make a good informed choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump 🙂

How about fashion in politics or generally in the business world? People don’t only listen to what the candidates have to say but also, how they present themselves. I personally have liked the styles of Jackie Kennedy, Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton. Does it influence what we like to wear? Yeah sure. What other clues do we pick up from their dressing? Can you see that Hillary is a democrat just from her style?

Hillary Clinton’s style is very colourful and of course business like. She loves pantsuits. I think she wants to convey strength, courage and determination in her dressing. Even in her last debate with Trump she wore red. Red is a very strong colour with different meanings around the world. She always keeps it classy and appropriate, but stands out from the crowd.

Here is what Hillary wore on the debate:


How to wear pantsuits

Pantsuits are very stylish and send a powerful message in the business world. Have at least one in your wardrobe whether it’s black, white or some colour. If you like it more toned down, go for black or white. Have a suit and the pants in the same colour. This will create a dramatic look.  You can always spice the look with something colourful like a scarf. If you want to add height wear it with heels for a dramatic look. This will elongate your legs. Also, make sure that the suits fits you well 🙂






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I’m a young Finnish-Guinean woman, who loves fashion and esthetics. This Eki-girl is based in Helsinki, Finland. The unique style of Eki-Orleans made me fall in love with the brand. The blog will be mainly about sustainable fashion, travelling, trends, make-up and of course Eki-Orleans!

Apart from fashion I like dancing, books and travelling.

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