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Do you love disruptive innovations like me?

Trying Uber and Aibnb got me at least exicted. How about you? Well, fashion is no exception from other industries. An app called Swipecast has raised my interest and that of the global fashion community.

Swipecast was founded by Peter Fitzpatrick, in the hopes of making modelling industry more effective. Fitzpatrick aims to make the industry more accessible for everyone. This is what I’m really curious about. Will this bring more diversity to the modelling industry? Will fashion agencies become obsolete? Well, we shall see this with time 🙂

How does it work then? After downloading the app to your phone, creative people like, designers, and photographers, for instance, can book models through it. Swipecast takes its share and models get paid after six hours from doing the job. Priority is to given for models, with prior experience, but they are looking for new faces too.

After all, diversity is still an issue in the fashion world. According to the Business Of Fashion, In four major fashion capitals, during the Autumn/Winter 2015 shows, 80 % of the fashion models on the runway were white.


Will Swipecast bring anything new to the modelling industry? It surely is an interesting idea. Perhaps I will try it and see my luck. 😛


What do you think? Is this a good innovation? 🙂




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