Spring Summer 2015


Nature’s fairies

Showcasing her elegant design capabilities, Hazel Aggrey-Orleans has created an exceptional and funky SS15 collection that highlights the best feature in all women—their inner goddess. This latest collection is thoughtfully named ‘Nature’s fairies’, as the designer returned to her love for nature for inspiration.

As beautiful as a colourful cloud under the sunlight, like a vibrant snowflake floating and whirling majestically in the air, the designer returned to her love for butterflies. It is the gentle creature that floats in the wind and their vision of beauty, which she translated into her pieces.

‘When I think of butterflies on the African continent, I think of bright popping colours that grace these beautiful species. We worked with a palette of predominantly neon green and fuchsia pink colours, allowing the prints to pop. Butterflies are delicate creatures and I wanted to create flying pieces of art that were both exotic and soft.’

Staying true to the Eki Orleans aesthetic, the collection features light and diaphanous dresses in flattering silhouettes, that drape off the body, evoking a sensuality found in every woman.