Our silk story

We specialise in designing and creating unique prints made of silk. Each print tells a beautiful unique story inspired by nature, travels and the African continent.

We choose to work only with silk, as it is a natural fibre and it is known for its luxurious texture and feel. Silk is a breathable fabric and a natural temperature regulator, ideal for the connoisseur customer and those seeking to be different and stand out.

Sewing silk comes with its fair share of challenges but it is one fabric that guarantees compliments. At Eki Orleans, we have mastered the skill to craft silk into wonderful garments so that you can enjoy silk’s luxurious feel.

The final Eki Orleans piece is an eye catching, fabulous garment made in our London based studio and at surprisingly good prices! Sustainability is a key factor and integrated into our ethos. Recycling and creating the least wastage is at the forefront of every piece we cut and design.

As our prints tell a story, we take every care in ensuring the design pattern is maintained in the making and cutting of the garment. It is a very detailed process but you are left with a uniquely beautiful piece and this is all that matters to us.

We invite you to have a look into our collections and bespoke section. In case you are after a unique garment, we can create a design just for you and of course we can create a new print for you too!

If you are a designer, use our prints to embellish your collection! We are also happy to bring your ideas onto silk and create your own silk prints!

Time is luxury. Everything goes so fast. To make something beautiful, you need to take your time. The results are a timeless Eki Orleans piece.

Vivienne Westwood once said: ‘Buy less, choose well’.